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Rental services in Almaty

Letting of an immovable product stipulates concluding a bargain (contract) between two parties (legal entities or/and private persons). The subject of the contract is to hand over the property on a loan basis for the determined cost. The price of the service depends on the type and location of the property and its state (condition). All types of residential units and commercial premises including separate houses, private residences and apartments, offices and production premises are in requisition. In case of long-term use of the property the clients conclude a contact including all the details and liabilities of the parties as well as the collateral guarantee.

Productive cooperation in the sphere of leasing in Almaty is possible when consumers cooperate with the professionals. The real-estate agency «» is armed with update information concerning the state of the things in the real property market and render legal and other services throughout all phases of the contracts concluding.

Luxury (Premium) Properties

Your property value confirms your status in the society. What determines that your real estate is considered elite? The location and the floor space as well as various additional modern conveniences are the factors approving that your home unit belongs to the highest level of luxury property.

If your occupation (business) does not allow you to have your own permanent home, you may lease any comfortable living accommodation.

Letting of an immovable product will allow feeling home anywhere you go.

We offer our clients a large variety of accommodation in any district of Almaty city. Living in the leasehold apartments you may rest from your daily labors, get together with some friends, host events and even arrange conferences. All the terms and conditions are stipulated in the concluded contracts. Thus, you have to take into consideration all the supplementary requirements.

Taking on lease in Almaty - «»

The real-estate agency «» possesses its own database containing all the answers to any questions. Apartments, houses and commercial premises are available to be found here. The various prices allow you choosing the property for affordable cost. The convenient navigation and wide set of filters of the site give you the opportunity to look for your future property independently. If you are willing to save your time you may apply for any of our available consultants.

The styles of the units and premises proposed in the site are changed from classical, traditional and oriental into individual one and the clients can choose the residential space according to their taste.

When you look for a luxury unit, the real-estate agency «» will render you the services and help you move toward the property of your dream.


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