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Rent of houses in Almaty is the optimal decision for the person who likes enjoying spaciousness and prefers to possess his own separated territory to a multi-unit apartment building. Leasing a detached house, you come into possession of an extensive habitable surface, your own garden, a rest area in the yard and a garage or a parking space for your cars. In addition, there may be a fireplace, a billiard saloon, a gym or an exercise and other rooms inside the house.

A great number of elite single-family houses are presented in the site of the «» company. All of them are available to be rented or purchased. Their location is more convenient, the design is more special and the square of the living area is more voluminous. A number of additional services (including security services) are available for the Premium Class Pproperty. The houses are located in the environmentally pristine districts and that is an unusual occurrence in the conditions of modern city life.

Leasing houses in Almaty has multiple opportunities to:

  • Wide price spectrum;
  • Unpolluted air;
  • Specious residential yard;
  • Far from the noisy districts;

Such proposal is the best for any family as far as living in a big house allows the family members possessing freedom for various types of activity. Our experts will offer you the most worthy variants of the premium class properties taking into account your preferences. Moreover, we shall arrange you tours to survey the chosen pieces of the real estate as well as support you by providing transport and services of oral translation to make the right call.


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