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The sale of the premium class apartment in Almaty comes over a inconspicuous share of the market and, first of all, it is intended for the people appreciating safety, comfort and prestige.

The real-estate agency «» is ready to help you purchase a residential unit of the premium class level. The other portals not always present trustworthy information describing the real-estate units. To manage the risk of facing an unfair offer you are recommended to be assisted by the specialists of an authorized real-estate company. We directly cooperate with the owners of the apartments and premises and possess proper and actual information concerning the state of the premises.

Our company also sells the premium class apartments and provides benefits to all our clients.   

The main identifying feature of the VIP-residential units includes the combination of their prestigious location, well-attended adjacent territory and spacious area of the apartments as well as quality redecoration. There are flats in draft form in the new apartment complexes and the future owners may redecorate the housing based on their own preference. After purchasing a premium class apartment documentarily you may re-plan and redecorate it choosing your own design either minimalism or modern style and others.

Contact with the professionals of the company «» after you make a decision to purchase a real-estate property of the premium class. We shall offer you all the optimal variants meeting your demands.

Before purchasing a premium class apartment our specialists arrange you a tour to appraise and see the unit in proper perspective as well as make the right choice. We consult our clients during all the process of selling or purchasing including legal and other service aspects.

The clients willing to combine the comfort and prestige of the purchased residential unit with the wonderful landscape, prestige and pure air are recommended to be acquainted with the proposals concerning selling private residences in Almaty.


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